Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everyone Loves a Parade

My grandpa was asked to ride in one of the fire trucks that he procured from his old fire station for the city of Beaver. Last year he was one of the Grand Marshals of the parade, but we were unable to attend, as I was in the hospital 32 weeks pregnant with a subclavian blood clot. Those were rough times, and boy am I glad they are over.

Had to snap a shot of the Temple float by one of the Beaver LDS Wards. I really loved the water shooting out of the fire truck. All of the kids went out in the parade route and ended up soaking wet.

After the parade Jasper and I drove out to the fire station for a photo shoot and then my grandpa took us to breakfast at the El Bambi Cafe. In case you don't know, El Bambi is famous for their dinner rolls. People order them by the dozen (usually 4 dozen at a time). And no family party or social event in Beaver is complete without them. In November they publish an article in the Beaver Press about the guidelines on ordering your rolls for the holidays so that there is no confusion and no traumas over not getting your order in on time.

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