Monday, July 9, 2012

23 Weeks -- And some GREAT news!

(Photos of Jasper as a baby.)

Today I had my 23 week ultrasound with the high risk OB, Dr. Wilson Huang.  I also had a fetal echo cardiogram.  Mike ran over during his lunch break to meet Jasper and I for the big appointment.

A normal umbilical cord has 1 blood vessel and 2 arteries.  Mine has 1 blood vessel but only 1 artery.  This is a soft marker for Down's Syndrome.  Coupled with some blood work that I had come back a couple months ago showing a very high risk for Down Syndrome, we were really worried.
A lot of babies with Down Syndrome have heart problems.  If our baby's heart showed problems today during the fetal echo cardiogram, then it would be a huge indicator for Down Syndrome.  I have thought that if our baby does have Down Syndrome, it would be easier to deal with if our baby didn't also have major heart problems too.  The heart problems really scare me.

After measuring everything possible on the baby's body and doing a fetal echo cardiogram I am THRILLED to report that our baby boy looks great!  Our baby is 1 lb 2 oz and busy as can be. 

The Single Umbilical Artery (SUA) could mean an early delivery if fetal circulation isn't doing well or if the baby isn't growing enough.  But, I could also go full term.  I'm going to be prepared to have the baby a month or so early, and hope for the best.

Because I had a sub-clavian DVT (big, bad, blood clot in my chest that was nearly fatal) when I was 34 weeks pregnant with Jasper, I am on anti-coagulant (blood thinner) shots daily. 

I started taking anti-coagulant shots when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and since I was 11 weeks I've been on a new medicine called Fondaprinux. I have a food allergy to pork, so when I took shots of the more common medicines like Lovenox, Heparin or even a newer shot called Fragmin, I got HUGE softball size bright red welts at every injection site.  Fondaparinux is made from beef, not pork like all of the others.  My shots are $130 per day and we feel so blessed that after much pleading and some tears on my part, our insurance covers them.

I feel so relieved after the ultrasound today.  I am so happy and getting more excited by the minute!
It is all sinking in.  We really are having a baby.  After FIVE years of waiting, we really are having a baby.  I feel so blessed for this miracle in our lives.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


Unknown said...

what GREAT news, what a huge relief, I have a nephew with a major heart defect, (he only has 1/2 of a heart and was born that way) so heart problems are not fun... glad to hear that it is looking good in that dept! what blessings you guys are experiencing! so glad for you!

Unknown said...

sorry that was me, lauralee, I was signed in under a different account! whoops!

trisha said...

WONDERFUL news, Ang! So happy and relieved.

Cydnee said...

I just took a big sigh of relief. So happy that everything is on the up and up. It will be so fun to see you guys welcome a new child into your home!

Martha said...

Thanks for the update. So glad for your good news!

Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear taht the heart sounds great! What a relief and what wonderful news!

Shauna said...

I know it's been a worry...but I have been feeling confident that things will be good. Yippee, you really ARE having a baby, and what fun, 2 boys to tangle with each other...they will be great friends! Love good news~ Love you!

Whitney said...

So, SO happy for you guys!! Can't wait to meet this little miracle!!

SalliJune said...

Congratulations Ang! Reading your entry makes me awed and inspired. Here I am, due in 2 weeks, moaning and counting down everyday, and you are giving yourself shots and just being grateful. You've reminded me of the miracle of being able to have a baby. Both boys. That's the best!

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