Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CineMark $1 Summer Movie Series

One "beat the heat" option for us is the CineMark $1 Summer Movie Clubhouse.

The Cinedome is 5 minutes from  our house.  It's not the newest theater, but you don't have to walk through a casino to get to it -- which is a bonus, especially with kids in tow.

Their Summer Series shows start at 10AM every Wednesday.  Here's a link for the PDF of their flyer.

 The movies are $1 each of $10 for all 10.

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Allison Laypath said...

We have this at Cinemark theatres in Utah too, and it is fun! It's nice to go to a movie with little kids and not worry that they are noisy, because everyone has little kids.

Just buy one movie at a time unless you don't have anything else going on this summer. We've done this for two or three years and we never go as often as we think we will.

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