Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's in a Name?

Next week our lesson in CTR 4 class is:  "We Have Special Families."

Today I sent an email to the parents of the children of my class with an assignment that the lesson manual suggests: Tell your child about how their name was chosen, so we can discuss it in class.

Mike took on the task and sat down with Jasper to talk about how we chose his name.  Mike wrote down Jasper's name, his own name, his dad's name and grandpa Davidson's name.

He had Jasper circle all of the "Michaels", "Davidsons" and "Jaspers."

It was really cute to watch them interact with each other.  Jasper's eyes always light up when he spends 1 on 1 time with Mike.

Here's a blog post about Jasper playing doctor like Grandpa Davidson.   He went by "Hal" until he was a doctor, and then he went by Dr. Davidson.
"As time goes on, we realize how important those are that have gone before us. We remember them, their works, and goodness.  But most importantly we remember their good names that they've left for those behind, and for those who are just beginning." (Katie Hughes)

My very talented friend Katie Hughes penned the above words, and she was kind enough to let me use it on Jasper's birth announcement.  I feel like it perfectly describes why we chose Jasper's name.
Below is Grandpa Davidson's Obituary:
Dr. Halvard Jasper Davidson who dedicated his life to the Lord and endured to the end, was reunited with his beautiful wife on September 22, 2002 on their 54th wedding anniversary.

Dad was the third of four children born to Hans Arthur and Margaret Olson Davidson on Oct. 23, 1923 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He married his sweetheart Marilyn Smith in the Salt Lake Temple and she preceded him in death July 7, 2001.

Our father, grandfather and great-grandfather taught his posterity by word and deed. He loved the scriptures, the Church and teaching the Gospel. He served in numerous positions in the Church including: Branch Presidency in Guam during the Korean War, Elder's Quorum President, High Councilor, Manti Temple Visitor Center Missionary, and Manti Temple Ordinance Worker.

Dad graduated from the University of Utah Medical School. He served an internship in St. Louis Missouri and a residency in Internal Medicine in West Virginia. He was the Admiral's physician in Guam as he served in the United States Navy. He practiced medicine in Salt Lake City and settled in Manti where he compassionately served his community for more than 30 years. He was passionate in his love of practicing medicine and serving and helping those in need. In his later years he found joy in painting the things he loved, portraits of his family, General Authorities, the Temple, and his Heavenly Father's creations. His family found great
satisfaction as he shared this talent with others.

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mark and jane said...

Angie, I love you! Thank you for this wonderful post. It made me cry in a very good way. Your son is great reminder of my father. Thanks! Aunt Jane

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