Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Wheels: Assembly Required

What have I been doing today?

Finally taking down the Christmas tree and holiday decorations?

Sweeping and mopping the floor?

Cooking a delicious dinner?

No.  I assembled a Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Speed Car set and a Cars 2 Mega Track including: Tokyo Spinout, Spy Jet Escape and the Barrel Blow Out.

Each was on after Christmas clearance for 75% off at our Wal-Mart for $10 each.

Mike is the resident track assembler, so I was proud of myself for branching out to a new role.  :)

Jasper LOVES a good car crash.

Post track set-up had a great time playing with everything.  It was a fun filled day of crashes, spin outs and spy plane take offs.

It felt like Christmas day.  Since we spent Christmas in a hotel in Beaver this year, we only took a couple presents with us.  Today was our "set up your new toys and play all day" kind of day.

Lots of fun memories and fun times for us today.

I tried to snap a good photo of the spy plane taking off,  but only managed to get a semi-blurry picture at take-off and one at landing.

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