Friday, January 6, 2012

Hidden Falls Park in Henderson

A brand new park ranks pretty high up on my list of really exciting things.  Especially when it is 2.5 miles from my house.
Hidden Falls Park is having it's grand opening tomorrow (Jan. 7th) at 1:00 PM.  The park is located behind Von's on Horizon & Horizon.  The address is 281 West Horizon Drive.

Jasper and I took his friend Peyton and we all went to play there for the first time today. 

Hidden Falls Park does a great job blending in with the natural surroundings.
 The rugged rock back drop is a welcome sight that can be viewed from the entire park.

Because the hills on the East side of the park are so high, the park is shaded earlier in the afternoon, which I am sure will be a welcome respite from in the hot summer.

At the bottom of the park (right behind Von's) there's a skate park, basketball court, and two dog parks.

Up the road there are two play grounds -- one for toddlers and one for ages 5-12, a splash pad, shaded picnic areas and restrooms.

At the top of the park there's a gazebo with picnic tables and trail head for walking and hiking.

Even though the park road continues far up the hill, there's only one way in and one way out -- near the back of Von's. 

In the big kid area (ages 5-12), the favorite item is the Slalom Glider Slide.  This is a new-fangled kind of slide that I have never seen before.

Instead of sitting in the slide, on the Slalmon Glider you sit on top of the slide and straddle it.  It definitely takes a time or two to get used to.

I think that part of the "fear factor" with this slide is that it's high up and the kids are sitting on top of the slide vs. down in a slide with sides.

The O-Zone Climber was a bit advanced for ages 6 and under.  Most of the kids that age kept getting stuck.

The Swiggle Stix Bridge is definitely a favorite for Jasper.  We were pretending there we sharks in the "water" that would get you if you fell down.

The Wobble Pod Bouncer was a lot of fun too.  This is right near the back of the slide, and gives the kids something to do while they wait in line.

The climbing wall is called the Escalator Climber, and it wasn't a big surprise that it was the older kids who were mores interested in scaling this 10 foot wall.

There are 2 spinners.  The Gyro Twister Spinner and the Stand-Up Spinner.  They could use two Stand-Up Spinners as they are a favorite. 

The toddler area includes a hopscotch, small slide, periscope, tunnel with a clear top and alphabet wall.  

Jasper had fun finding the letter "J."

Needless to say we look forward to may more adventures at Hidden Falls Park.

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Whitney said...

Looks amazing!! But even more amazing are your photos! You really could teach me some tips! Love ya, Whit

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