Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scott & Shawnda Bennett's Wedding

Thursday morning we drove down to Phoenix for the wedding festivities of Scott Bennett, Mike's best friend from Law School at the University of Tulsa.  

Mike and Scott have known each other since the Fall of 1999.  

Scott married Shawnda Winward Olson on Nov. 11, 2011 in Mesa, AZ at the Antique Wedding House.  

Mike was one of the groomsmen and Jasper was thrilled to attend his first wedding. 

Thursday night went to a dinner for the wedding party and family and friends.

We had a nice time meeting everyone, and Jasper was thrilled to meet some new grammys that adopted him.  They even invited him to fly out to Arkansas to visit him and ride their horses.

We stayed at the same hotel as Scott and his family.  Mike and Scott had fun hanging out and picking up Scott's siblings who getting into town late Thursday night.

Jasper went to sleep dreaming of pancaked.  He just wanted to go to sleep and wake up to pancakes.

He loves a good hotel buffet breakfast.  Luckily it was a pancakes day and his dreams came true.

The wedding was at 9:00 AM on Friday, and since Mike was standing up at front with the other groomsmen, Jasper and I sat with his new adopted grammys.  They are in love with his smile and blue eyes.

One year ago Scott, Shawnda and her two kids came to stay with us for a visit.  We had a fun Jeep outing and hike at Anniversary Narrows.

I really the photos that I took of Shawnda's daughter Tirzah standing near her mom, in the shadow of her wedding veil.After the wedding they had brunch, and Jasper was so happy see that it included doughnuts and cinnamon rolls.  More breakfast favorites.

He was happy as could be.  And at one point started dancin' a jig on a chair.  Which reminded me of a similar photo from three years ago. 

We're glad we were able to go and support Scott and Shawnda and wish them the very best.  We can't wait to join them in a year when they are sealed in the Temple.

I love this photo of Scott telling someone to smile.  It was a bit ironic, since he was "all smiled out" after the first 200 pictures.  

It was fun to hear hear Mike brag about Scott to people who came to the wedding.  Mike heard someone mention to Scott that they heard he was a prosecuting attorney and Mike quickly told them:

"Scott is actually the Chief Deputy County Attorney and lead trial attorney Safford.  He supervises 10 plus attorneys and carries his own personal case load.  And he is the youngest Chief Deputy County Attorney in the state of Arizona."  

Yeah, Mike's proud of Scott!


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