Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheese Please

Thursday night went to a dinner for Scott and Shawnda's family and friends who were in Phoenix for their wedding.The dinner was Mexican food and Jasper was thrilled because Jasper LOVES shredded cheese. And there were 2 huge bowls of it.

Jasper went through the buffet line by himself and proudly sat down with plate full of shredded cheese and a few miscellaneous tortilla chips.  And he went back for seconds and thirds....of cheese.

I never let him eat the tiny shredded cheese at home because it's too messy. When I grab the bag of shredded cheese out of the fridge to make something he gets excited because he thinks that I'm getting it out to eat -- not to cook with.

I've given in before and let him eat a pile of shredded cheese on a plate.  Big mistake. The little bits of cheese end up all over the floor and I say "never again."  Once I even let him eat the cheese out on the patio, and we had little strands of cheese melted into the pavers.

Hopefully we will get invited to another buffet with shredded cheese...for Jasper's sake.

(Above photo from another equally happy recent event -- the Dead Mountains Jeep Jamobree on Nov. 4th)

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