Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy Hair Jasper

 My friend likes to tease me about Jasper's Justin Bieber bangs. Usually his hair is neatly combed (as much as that's possible for a 4 year old boy).

But Jasper does love to do "crazy hair" in the morning after his shower, and then announce that he is from the circus. 

Right before a hair cut his hair can definitely do some pretty crazy tricks.  That's for sure.We all got our hair cut tonight, so Jasper's crazy hair tricks are limited for now.

I'm including some "before" and "after" shots from tonight just because I want to remember how crazy his hair gets right before a hair cut.

I'm posting a photo and here's the link for similar photos of Jasper with crazy hair when we was just barely 1 year old.

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