Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Favorite Swim Toys

Since we live in Henderson (Las Vegas) where it's nice and HOT in the summer, we spend a LOT of time swimming.  Jasper can now go under water and pick up dive toys, which he loves and which keeps him plenty busy.  Below is a list of our favorite pool toys.

Swimways Large Toypedo 
$10 at Walmart or Target.  On clearance now for $5 at WalMart.   
EVERYONE loves the toypedos.  They are fun to throw under water and also make a large target for little ones to dive for.  They will glide up to 40 feet.  We have two of these because someone always wants to borrow one.

Prime Time Dive 'N Grab Set 
$8 at WalMart (in CA).  On clearance now for $5 at WalMart (in CA.) 
Why didn't I think of this?  Jasper loves to put things in his butterfly net at home, so of course he loves to use a net in the pool. 

Swimways Mini Toypedos 
Regular price is $5 at WalMart or Target.
Smaller version of the large toypedos.  Jasper loves to dive for these too.  They go 30 feet in the pool when you throw them under water.  At $1.25 each they are very affordable.  I think they would make a fun party favor for a pool party. 

Swimways Cars Drive Toys  
$10 at WalMart or Target.  On clearance now for $5 at WalMart. 
The cars bubble as they sink.  The kids have fun rescuing these and then placing them on the Coast Guard Rescue Boat (i.e. kickboard).

Aqua Sphere Ergoboard  
$15 on Amazon.  $20 at Dick's Sporting Goods. 
We bought this 2 years ago and it's the favorite because it's a soft foam that Jasper can jump in the pool holding it.

Champion Kickboard with handles
During swimming season you can order these from Costco for $15 for a 3 pack.  These are a hard plastic material.  They are great because there are so many different grip positions.

And of course a fun noodle and small swim ring. :)  Do you have any favorites we should add to our list?

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Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Thanks for the fun ideas. I'll have to keep these in mid next time we are in the US and can find actual pool toys.

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