Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jasper's 4 Year Well Check

Sept. 20, 2011

41.5 inches, 75th percentile Weight: 36 lbs, 50th percentile

It's hard to believe that it has been four years since we first took Jasper to Dr. Kim LaMotte-Malone's office, Anthem Hills Pediatrics.  We LOVE their office and have been very pleased with everyone there.

Our favorite nurse, John, was really cute when he measured Jasper for his check-up.  He also did most of Jasper's baby well checks four years ago.

He listened intently as Jasper told him how how really wants to measure tall enough to go on Grizzly River Run.  The height requirement is 42 inches, and Jasper is still 1/2 an inch too short.   

Last time we were at California Adventure Jasper measured for Grizzly River Run and came up just a little too short.  That same day Jasper and I shared a chocolate covered banana while we rode Ariel's Undersea Adventure.  

The next day we were at Disneyland and Jasper BEGGED to walk over to California Adventure so he could get measured for Grizzly River Run again.  I tried to explain that he had not grown 1/2 an inch overnight and that I was not walking all the way over there just to be measured.

He replied, "Mom, I ate that chocolate banana yesterday and I slept for a long time last night.  So I think that now I've grown big enough."  He really believed was now tall enough.

This may sound like a cute story, but he was so relentless about it that at 6:00 PM that day I lost it and said, "Jasper, I think you might be crazy.  You did not grow tall enough overnight!  PLEASE stop asking me to walk you over to get measured again."

The Bandaid on Jasper's forehead is covering a bump and small scrape he got after a fall from climbing on the buckets of wheat in the pantry looking for jelly beans.

We did the activities in our Highlights Hidden Pictures Playground magazines (which Jasper LOVES) while we waited for Dr. LaMotte-Malone in the Monsters Inc. room.

At this check-up Jasper got his pre-K immunization shots.  There are 5 shots, but John found a 3-in-1 so he only had to stick Jasper 3 times.  Once in each arm and one big poke on his right thigh.  The shot on his leg did have a red welt for a few days but it has since gone away.  

Jasper screamed like crazy during his shots.  John and I could barely hold him still. Jasper got a few stickers, a green lollipop and 2 prizes from the treasure chest that John helped him pick out.  He chose a mini squirt gun and a yellow plastic bracelet.

We thought that we were just going for a well check, but it turns out that Jasper has strep throat.  His lymph nodes are hug and his tonsils are inflamed.  Dr. LaMotte-Malone advised that he get his tonsils removed...and I agree.

He will be on Omnicef antibiotic for 10 days and then get his tonsils removed on Oct. 10th.

The doctor's office is part of the St. Rose Siena Hospital Campus in Henderson.  Jasper loves to go out to the healing gardens with waterfalls whenever we are there.
Of course he always wants to touch the water when we go.

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