Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's Play Music Class

August  30, 2011

Jasper has been waiting a whole year to start his first year in the "Let's Play Music" program.

His teacher is Miss Natalie (Natalie Gibson) and his class this semester is the Red Ballons.  He has class Tuesday afternoons from 4:00-4:45 PM.  There are 15 classes per semester, and the parent(s) attend every other lesson.  I think it's a great program and I can't wait for my turn to go again.

The CD that goes along with the program has really fun songs on it that Jasper is always begging to listen to...and we already listen to it all of the time.  He wants to practice his tone bells and do his homework assignments.  This is a very positive experience for us and music lessons.

We found out about the "Let's Play Music" program last fall from our friend Will Schroeder, and In the spring I took Jasper to Will's annual concert and review and he loved it. 

Last Fall when Jasper saw Will's tone bells he couldn't wait to play them.  We bought our own set and we love to play them.  We actually ave two sets, so that Mike or I can play with Jasper. Sometimes we use them for accompaniment during Family Home Evening for our opening or closing song -- or both. 

We have a basket in the family room filled with musical instruments where the bells live.  A couple weeks ago Jasper had some friends over and I inquired as to how they were doing.  Jasper said, "Great. We're playing instruments."  The way he said it was cute.  Instead of saying, "We're playing Batman."  Or "We're playing Lego's."  It was simply, "We're playing instruments."

We are looking forward to a great year of music!  If you live in Henderson and are interested in the program, click here for Natalie's contact information.

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