Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's Play Music Concert

Tonight Jasper and I took Rook to Will Schroeder's "Let's Play Music" concert at the Arrowhead Stake Center.

The last concert we attended was a Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband outdoor concert where Jasper and his friends were dancing around in the front row.  So I had a little explaining to do about the difference between that concert and this one.

Jasper did great.  He stayed in his seat and had a fun time quietly singing along to all of the songs he knew.

Jasper loved BINGO and Do Re Mi songs the best.

The big hit of the night was the "treat table" (refreshments) included Jasper's party food of choice -- cupcakes!                                                                                                             Will's younger sister Lyndsee was getting a little fussy, and the Ziploc baggie of Wheat Thins that Jasper smuggled in seemed to calm her down.  I told him only boys that share their snacks get to go to the "treat table" after the concert.  That was all the motivation he needed to share with Lyndsee.

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