Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Painted the Sky?

Last night Jasper ran to the sliding glass door and summoned me over to look at the beautiful  pink and purple sunset.

Later that night while riding in the car he asked, "Mom, who painted the sky?" 
I tenderly explained that Jesus Christ helped to create the Earth under the direction of Heavenly Father. 

He then asked. "Who painted the trees?"
"Who painted the grass?"
"Who painted the rocks"?
I answered the same.

I thought we were having a somewhat spiritual conversation until he asked, "Who painted all of the street signs?"
I stammered to reply, "The sign company." 
Jasper quipped, "Oh.  Is the street sign company office far, far, far away like Heaven?"

When we got out of the car he announced, "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created this beautiful Earth for me and you and all of the people to live on." 

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