Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In case you don't know, John Schmidt's son Spencer is also super talented.  He has a 4 songs out now, and more to come.  His debut concert is August 5th in Draper, Utah.
I have been a John Schmidt fan for 20 years now, and I can remember going to a concert of his when his son was just a toddler.  I was in student government with Paul Cardall and Paul was a big fan of John and his amazing piano playing skills.  Paul arranged for John to perform at a concert we sponsored.  Paul followed his dream and now is an accomplished pianist himself.  I have always admired Paul for following his dreams.
Thank you for the beautiful music!

John Schmidt has a new video that just came out: Michael Meets Mozart.  We love his video "Love Story meets Viva la Vida".  

We love John  Schmidt and felt spoiled when he came to play at the Henderson Events Plaza on Water Street (10 minutes from our house) last Spring for FREE!  What a treat for us.  It was an amazing concert and we loved it.  It was a bit tense when Jasper decided to make a run for the stage because he wanted to play the piano too.  :)


Sha-na-na said...

I saw that there will be a concert in Draper...SO close, and I want to go so bad, but I don't think I can drag my husband up there. I need to find a good friend who would go with me. They are both amazing, and as one who loves playing the piano...I wish I was even a tiny bit as talented as they are.

Emily Blais said...

Hi Angela! Glad you stopped by and said hello! Effie is the most darling little girl, and to me, she is nothing other than an Effie :) I am not sure if its a family name for them or not, but my philosophy is that the kid makes the name, the name does not make the kid. I think its a super cute name! Anyway, feel free to peek in any time!

i said...

i LOVE shmidt!!!!

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