Tuesday, May 10, 2011

17 Days...and Counting

Jasper goes to preschool at Smalley Elementary Monday-Thursday, the same hours as morning kindergarten.

Starting tomorrow he has 17 days of class left!  Whoa!  That's coming up quickly.

I am already thinking -- what are we going to do all summer without a pool?  Play dates anyone?  :) 

Last summer we did 4 weeks of super fun and very inexpensive swimming lessons, which made June just fly by!  This summer our swim teacher is under contract for the novels she is writing and is not teaching anymore  :(

I am now in a mad dash to schedule my dental, doctor, visiting teaching and any other appointment I can while he's still in class.

Mike and I like go to the Temple and extra time one morning each month while Jasper is in school...so we only have two more bonus trips left until school starts.

I am excited for summer but feeling a little anxious because I already feel like I am behind on about a million things.

I've seen a lot of people who make "Things to do this summer" lists that look like a fun idea.  Any summer fun ideas?

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