Monday, April 11, 2011

Crying over the Croup

Oh what a night!

Nothing like an ambulance coming to your house in the middle of the night to get your heart racing.

Shortly after midnight Jasper woke up screaming, crying and gasping for air....and barking.  I mistook it for an swollen airway.  We had no idea what to do.  As as we started getting ready to head to the ER (as I was worried it was an allergic reaction) I called 911. He was so worked up that he was really struggling to breathe.

The sweet paramedics were here in 5 minutes, and of course by that time I'd calmed him down and he was half asleep in my arms on the couch in the living room. 

The paramedics told identified it as croup right away and told us to take him outside in the cold for 3 minutes then in a steamy bathroom and call the doctor in the morning.

I was so glad I called them, as it ended up and saving us a trip to the ER. And as a bonus, the paramedics coming to your house is FREE.  Which seems really weird in this day of costly medical anything.

I have no idea how he got this and I am feeling bad for taking him to church and unknowingly spreading this to anyone else, not to mention everyone he's played with last week and his friends at preschool.  I really had no idea he was sick.

We will check in with the doctor when they open, and for now hopefully get a little sleep.  I will leave you with a happy photo of J from one of our trips to the park last week, and we will dream of healthier days to come!


Ashby Family said...

Poor Jasper! Feel better soon.

Mary Kay said...

Oh, Angela! I hope he gets feeling better soon. The croup is so scary--that cough is so terrible. Love the happy photo of Jasper--what a cute boy!

Cami said...

I love that picture of Jasper (the one where he's smiling... ;) ).

I hope he gets feeling better real soon. Having sick kids is the pits. Sounds like you had a scary time last night.

I just love reading your blog Ang! I just think the world of you. You are such a super mom! I learn so much from you.

Hugs from Utah! :)

Janzen said...

Croup is no fun my son had it really bad one year too.

Sha-na-na said...

Love this picture...such a beautiful boy. I know, he's ALL boy, but he is still a gorgeous child! Love him~

Sha-na-na said...

Love this picture...he's all boy I know, but he's a beautiful child!

Sha-na-na said...

I love this picture....he's all boy I know, but he's a beautiful child~

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