Saturday, August 7, 2010

Super Sick Super J

Jasper and I left home 2 1/2 weeks ago for our "summer tour" and we've been going non-stop ever since.

So when Jasper didn't seem himself Thursday morning I chalked it up to being on the road.

During the the day he quickly deteriorated and with a 104 degree fever, frequent vomiting and complete lethargy I took him to InstaCare kids at 6PM.

He has strep throat!  Poor guy.  The doctor said his throat looked awful and diagnosed it even before the test came back to confirm the strep.

When the doctor told me that he would need an IV due to dehydration I called Mike and asked him to pray that the nurse could get the line in the  first time and that Jasper would be calm.  They also give him Zofran to ease the nausea and upset stomach.

They brought us out near the nurses station for observation and the IV.  He laid on the hospital bed with a warm blanket and I read him "Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea" to distract him.  The IV went in without a wimper or flinch from Jasper.  The nurses and doctor were amazed.  I was so relieved and grateful.

He's on Keflex and they said he will be bouncing off the walls in no time at all!


Brittany said...

Poor little guy! Good thing he's got his superman t-shirt on! :) Hope he's feeling better! said...

Oh my gosh! That's awful...for you both! Seriously, totally stinks! Hope he's back up and running around soon! :)

trisha said...

Benj and I and many of his cousins have all had strep throat this's going around here big-time. Too bad he had to get it while on vacation. It was so fun seeing you, Ang!

Erica said...

OH NO! Ang, I am so sorry!!!!!

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