Monday, August 23, 2010

I Need to Write My Name

I finally got smart and turned Jasper's easel around so he can use the chalkboard.

This was brilliant on my part, as we have temporarily ended the use of dry erase marker markers on the white board side.

Jasper loves to stand at the chalkboard and say, "Mom, I need to write my name right now."

No, Jasper is not a child genius.  He can not write his name...but he sure likes to try.

My favorite is when he writes and draws with both hands at the same time.

He loves to erase, and the white chalk dust on our dark brown hardwood floors is not so great -- but much easier to clean than dry erase marker for sure.

This is just a little glimpse into our every day life that I want to remember.  Jasper is almost three and I am realizing that I need to take an extra effort to document and remember these fun days.

Because pretty soon when he hollers, "Mom, I need to write my name right now," he will be able to write it.

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