Friday, April 9, 2010

Recipe: Homemade Salsa

Another cooking genius is my friend Maridyn.  She has developed a salsa recipe that tastes like it's fresh from the garden, even though 3/4th's of the ingredients are from your pantry.

--  2 regular size cans Mexican style stewed tomatoes (they sell these at Smith's -- make sure the can says Mexican)
--  1 small can green Herdez Salsa (make sure and get the green.) This is located in the taco/salsa/Mexican section of the store.
--  1 clove garlic or 5-6 shakes of dried minced garlic
--  1/2  bunch cilantro

--   Blend 1 can of tomatoes with the cilantro in the blender until soupy.
--   Add rest of ingredients and pulse 3-4 times until well mixed.

Will keep in the fridge for a week.  Freeze extra.  This is a great item to serve with 7 layer Mexican dip.



The McCooks said...

hmm thanks for sharing your recipies, I will try them!!

Camille said...

Yummmm... thanks I'll have to use this. :) p.s. I have a cookbook coming out in July. Look for it in the stores. :) Love you.

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