Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Grady

I snapped some shots of cute seven week old Grady this morning.

There's nothing quite a sweet as a new baby.  The little toes, wrinkly skin and tiny little ruby lips.

Days like today motivate me to really learn to use my camera AND take the time to learn Photoshop.

Here's my favorites and one of his big sister.

Love you and your family baby Grady!  Please stay this sweet forever.

3 comments: said...

Hey! Nice job! Looks like you're loving the camera--you're pics are really good! He's such cute little guy and I like his name! Oh, I can't wait til mine little guys gets here..two more months. CRAZY! glad you guys are doing well! :)

lindsay said...

Ang! Those turned out SO great!!! I LOVE them ALL! Thank you SOOOOOO much for doing this for me, these pictures are are such a great friend!!!

Brittany said...

I agree... he is pretty darn cute. I love the pictures... you did a great job. You definiately have an eye for it! :) Haven't seen you in awhile, hope you're doing well! :)

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