Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! (1 month ago)

This year I threw myself a birthday party and had a GREAT time.

Twenty of my friends came over for a night out.  We had a pedicure party, some great food and good conversation.

I made peppermint bath salts (recipe here) for everyone to soak our feet in and it was much easier and inexpensive than I thought.

I also got everyone one my all time FAVORITE foot scrubber, Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar.  They are $1.60 at Sally Beauty Supply.  I also like their Callus Terminator.

I asked everyone to wrap up one of their favorite beauty products ($5 value) and we had a gift exchange.  Everyone picked a present and then we we opened the gift we received the giver explained why they love the product they bought.  Lots of great ideas and fun products (list here).

It was so much fun that I am tempted to have an pedicure night at my house every month or so.

Thanks to everyone who came!  Here's the details from the invitation if you want to have a party of your own:

Activity: We will be doing a foot spa / pedicure.  I'll provide the soaking salts, foot file, foot scrub, foot mask and lotion.  We'll soak our toes and scrub our heels and get our feet ready for sandal season!

What to wear: Lounge wear / PJ's. You might get some "product" on your pants, and you need to be able to roll them up to your knee. So wear something comfy and come relax. Wear flip flops if you plan on painting your toenails.

Product Swap: Bring your favorite beauty item ($5.00) wrapped up and ready to swap.  Do you have a great inexpensive hairspray, mousse or gel?  A yummy smelling shower gel or shave cream?  The best foot scrubber for the shower?  Or maybe your favorite disposable razor for summer travel.  Just a few ideas -- the sky's the limit.  Make-up, nail polish, lip gloss, you name it!  Wrap your gift and we'll do a gift exchange and then you can tell everyone why you love the item you brought.

What to bring:
-- A foot tub (i.e. dishpan).
-- A thick towel to put under your foot tub (i.e. pedicure station) and a hand towel to dry your feet with.
-- If you've got a favorite nail polish, foot scrub or lotion bring it to share and/or tell us about.
--A favorite beauty item(s) that costs $5.00 (wrapped)

We had a great time and I can't wait to do it again!


The George's said...

So fun. I'm going to plan one.

Norris Fam said...

Thanks for a VERY fun night out. My girls loved trying just a little of your peppermint soak!

The George's said...

Ang, did you save your invite? Would you mind emailing me a copy, so I can do the same type of party for my GNO next month. I'm so excited. Thanks for the great idea. I'm so excited.

Cami said...

How fun!

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