Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Help for a Friend

Our friends, Jonathan and Rachelle Abbott, are launching a fundraiser for Jon's dad.  He's a great guy who needs chemotherapy and is uninsured.

You can bid on items on their blog, and read about Garth's cancer here

So far I've made two hooded bath towels for the auction

I've already been out bid by a mile for the item I really want -- Rachelle's pizza.  Apparently everyone knows how great it is!

There are a lot of great items up for bid.  The online auction ends on January 13th at 10PM.


Cami said...

How devastating!! Something is wrong with a society that won't even treat the critically sick with insurance...I hate the business side of medicine! Okay enough ranting. I am going to bid on a couple of things on the auction that are mailable. I really want to bid on the rolls and breads...yum!

Your towels are way cute too! I could use one for a baby gift...would you ship them?

Angela said...

I am happy to ship my auction items for sale. :> And happy to make more!

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