Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jasper goes to EFY

My friend Erica came down from BYU to check in on the EFY session at UNLV.

We were so excited because she stayed at our house for a couple of nights, and we were so happy to see her! She is expecting a little girl in a few months and I talked her ear off about baby product recommendations.

Jasper and I attended EFY on games night and then Friday morning for the Session Director Devotional and a few classes.

Jasper loved the group cheers on Thursday night and everyone loved Jasper! He had his EFY onesie on and was pretty much photographed for 2 hours non-stop. Everyone who saw him exclaimed -- Oh look, it's an EFY baby!

Even though Mike claims that Jasper is an advanced baby, the classes were a little too advanced even for his brain and he resorted to some time with his favorite mini monster truck to keep himself occupied. I am sure that in 13 years he will really be ready for EFY.

Thanks for a fun visit Erica! We love you!!!

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