Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waiting for Daddy to Come Home

Last night Jasper and I graduated from waiting inside by the door to a vigil on the porch, waiting for Mike's silver car to pull up.

I don't think that hanging out on the porch helps Mike to drive home any faster, but it does seem to help pass the time.

It is always a happy moment when Mike comes home! Once Mike is home, Jasper wants to be with him all of the time until Jasper goes to bed. If Mike has to go back out to his car to grab something after he has initially come in the house, Jasper is not too thrilled.

Jasper struck one of his favorite poses during the vigil. He stops crawling, does a 1/2 sideways turn, and comes up for a " Hey, what's going on?" moment. Sometimes he looks like he is doing a yoga move, and the rest of the time he appears to be posing for a modeling shoot. Very GQ. I was happy to capture this all too familiar pose in a photo for memory sake, as he does it 50 times per day.

We are all so glad when Daddy is home!


Ashby Family said...

My girls like to wait for daddy too. When Alexis was Jasper's age until she was about 2, we'd go wait at the front of our community and pick flowers, collect rocks and count them and try balancing on the curb. It was always lots of fun. (it does help the time go by!)

Carrie said...

It looks like you are having a fantastic summer enjoying your little guy. I just found your blog off of Katie's and thought I would drop you a little note. It looks like you are enjoying every moment - perfect!

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