Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Climb every stair

Jasper just turned 9 months old on June 1st, and he is BUSY! He's got the quickest crawl in the West. He made it out the front door onto the porch twice today. Two days ago he climbed up 2 stairs on our staircase. We oohed and aahhed and thought it was amazing. Today I thought he was just going to climb his regular 2 stairs, but no -- he went up all 12. There is no stopping this kid! He was VERY proud of himself when he made it to the top. To show my support and encouragement I sang him the theme song from "The Jefferson's" TV show, "Movin' on Up". When Mike got home Jasper climbed the stairs again for him in effort to showcase his new skills.

Jasper and I ran a lot of errands today. Our favortie by far was meeting Mike at Firehouse Subs for a yummy lunch. Mike has left for work before 7 AM the last few days, so he doesn't get to see Jasper at all in the morning. So it was extra fun for Mike to have lunch with us so he could spend a little time with Jasper.

Jasper is just an angel we go out. Out to eat, out to shop, etc. He just charms everyone from his high chair and shopping cart and really seems to enjoy meeting people. Today at Bath and Body Works one of the sales clerks asked if she could take Jasper to her Prom. I guess we'll count that for the first time he was asked out on a date.

We went over to Mandy's today so she could fix Jasper's hair that I ATTEMPTED to trim last night. After BUTCHERING Mike's hair soon after we were married you would think that I would have learned that I can't cut hair!

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bill, katie, and co. said...

I can't cut hair either, Ang. Wish I could save a little money by doing it but it's not worth it in the end.

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