Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Stories: "The Story of Holly and Ivy" by Rumer Godden

Jasper and I have been reading a Christmas book every night before Mike tucks him in.

Most nights we read on the couch snuggled up in fuzzy blankets by the glow of the Christmas tree.  Sometimes we read in my bed under the covers.  That's where we read the book we just finished, The Story of Holly and Ivy.  It was written by Rummer Godden and the vopy we read was illustrated by Barbara Cooney.

It took us three nights of reading to finish this book and we loved it.  Every night we were full of anticipation as to what would happen next.  It is a book about wishing.

Rumer Godden wrote this book in 1958 and it is more of a story than an illustrated children's book.  The first edition was illustrated, but it is written so vividly and clearly that you could picture all the details in your mind.  I loved that about it.

It has a sweet message of hope and kindness.  It left me wanting to find more of Rumer Godden's writings.  I think it will be a new Christmas classic for us.

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