Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This week is reading week at Jasper's school.  Yesterday Jasper dressed up like a character from a book.

I need more than 48 hours notice to be "that" creative.

My friend Lindsay (Wilson) Cannon had the same idea that Jasper had.  A Polar Bear.  She said that when she pictures Jasper and reading she instantly thinks of this video I posted a year ago of Jasper reading "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?"

A polar bear was out, because I don't think I own enough stain spray to send Jasper to school in all white clothes.  Jasper has a cute fuzzy brown bear hat.  He wore brown pants, and brown shirt and a brown coat and we called it good.  Surely we did not win any points on creativity.  But he did participate.  And he did look really cute in his hat.
 Here are some great costume suggestions that my friends gave me that I want to remember:

Nate the Great - Boy Detective
Where's Waldo
Cat in the Hat
Thing1/Thing 2
Pirate (Book: How I Became a Pirate)
Dinosaur (Book: How do Dinosaurs say good night?)
Wemmick (Book: You are Special)
Curious George
The Man in the Yellow Hat
The Lorax (Mustache and an orange shirt)

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