Friday, December 9, 2011

Open Gym at Gymcats

Nov. 18, 2011

In September Jasper and I went to Gymcats for the first time.  We were just going for a free class with Rachelle and Savvy and Flint, and ended up getting hooked.

Jasper started going to the Monday morning Supercubs class on Oct. 17th.

One thing I love about Gymcats is that even though you're technically enrolled in a certain class each week, you have the flexibility call in and change to any other Supercubs class.  Which works wonderfully if you go out of town, get sick, etc.  Love the flexibility.

Jasper LOVES gymcats.  And I mean LOVES it!  His favorite thing is the rings.

On Nov. 18th our friends the Abbott's, Cropper's and Weatherly's joined us for open gym.



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