Thursday, September 1, 2011

You've Got a Birthday -- Shout Hooray!

(Photo of Jasper & I nine hours after he was born, snuggled up in a blanket my friend Jeni Starley and I made.)

I'm a member of the mother's club who wonder how the days fly by so quickly and kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

Four years.  Today Jasper is four years old.

I love this photo of him when he was brand new.  I remember being so excited to hold him.  And so grateful my pregnancy was finally over.  I worked full time (plus) as an IT Business Analyst and traveled throughout my pregnancy.  Jasper has stayed over 75 nights in Marriott hotels and flown over 25,000 miles before he was born.

I loved my job.  I left because I can always go back to work, but I can never get my fun-filled days of endless Jasper adventures back. I'm grateful that I was able to leave my job and be a full time wife and mom.

This is the first year that Jasper has been SO EXCITED to have a birthday.  Jasper has been waiting 8 months to go up front and be sung to in Primary. The long awaited day came last Sunday and Jasper couldn't have been happier.

Jasper has been saying, "I'm growing to be 4 on my birthday." Yesterday he asked me, "Mom, am I going to have any more birthdays after this one?"

Yes Jasper, you will have more birthdays.  I just hope they won't come so quickly!
   (Photo of Jasper taken today on his birthday while we were walking around the Las Vegas Temple.)


Ashby Family said...

He is so cute! I love the picture of you and him when he was just born. How did you ever look that nice in the hospital? The picture of the temple of him is so perfect. You catch some great photos Ang!

Angela said...

Thanks Nancy. I was so sick (throwing up, migraines) for my whole pregnancy. Then I had the sub-clavian DVT (blood clot near my heart and lungs), almost died and spent a week in the hospital 1 month before he was born.

I think my body was so happy to not be pregnant anymore. I felt AMAZING after I delivered Jasper.

He was born right before midnight. I took a shower and got ready early the next morning and sent Mike to church 8 hours after the delivery.

I was a first time mom, so I didn't know that everyone doesn't feel that great! :)

davidsonlaw said...

That was one of the best days of my life. Thank you for being such a great mom, and thank you for Jasper. I love you!

The Jones Fam said...

Wow, it doesn't seem like a year ago we came to Jasper's 3rd bday party! He was such a cute baby, and you look amazing for having just delivered a baby :)

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