Monday, September 26, 2011

Preparing for General Conference - Family Home Evening

Here's a chart of the Prophet and Twelve Apostles we are used for Family Home Evening (FHE) tonight.
It is taken from the May 2011 Ensign.  If you want it in a PDF format, email me or leave a comment and I will email it to you.

The Birk family joined us for dinner and FHE.  Martha and Adam just moved to Green Valley 2 weeks ago with their cute girls Marian (Mini) and Emily (Emmy).  Martha is pregnant with their 3rd girl, due on Halloween.  Adam is an attorney too.

Martha's parents were friends with my parents when they all lived in California 40 years ago.  I used to be pen pals with Martha's older sister Lindsay growing up.  Another of Martha's sisters, Carrie, and I worked at Academy for Girls together and keep in touch.

Carrie told me that Martha was moving to Henderson and I was so excited to have another Boyer girl in town.

For our Family Home Evening lesson we used the Conference Squares game found on The Friend website.  They have fun printable activities and on-line games as well.

We colored the Conference Squares to play a little bingo.  We used chocolate chips for bingo pieces and the kids loved that.

We brought our little IKEA Igloo tent down from the playroom for our lesson.  We also bring it down from the family room for Jasper sit in to watch General Conference.  The kids LOVED the tent.

We talked about tents and how they protect us from storms and other things.  We talked about how the counsel of the Prophets and Apostles can protect us.

We talked about how King Benjamin's people pitched their tents towards the Temple.

 Mosiah 2:5-6:
 5 And it came to pass that when they came up to the temple, they pitched their tents round about, every man according to his family, consisting of his wife, and his sons, and his daughters, and their sons, and their daughters, from the eldest down to the youngest, every family being separate one from another.

6 And they pitched their tents round about the temple, every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple, that thereby they might remain in their tents and hear the words which king Benjamin should speak unto them.

We sang "Praise to the Man" for the opening song, and Jasper and Minnie begged to sing it again for the closing song.  So we obliged.

I grabbed a stack of Halloween books off a side table for the kids to press on while they were coloring, and the moment that Jasper spied "Room on the Broom" he was pleading for me to read it to him.  After FHE I sat at the kitchen table with the kids and read the story while they ate their snack (No Bake Cookies).


Carrie said...

You are the cutest! What an awesome FHE to prepare for conference; I'm sure everyone loved it. Thanks so much for being a fabulous welcoming committee for them! I only wish I could have joined the party.
Take care!
♥Love, Buggie

Shauna said...

I want to join the party too! You always do such fun things Ang. Thanks for sharing the ideas :)

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