Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Tonsils -- On Oct. 10th

Sept. 20, 2011

Clap hooray!  Jasper finally got approved to get his tonsils removed on October 10th by his ENT, Dr. Shipley.
Jasper had his 2ns set of ear tubes in January of this year, AND his adenoids removed.  But they would not take his tonsils at that time.  I was VERY frustrated, but couldn't do much about it.
At his 4 year well check Dr. LaMotte-Malone said she would sign off on Jasper getting his tonsils out.  She wished they would have taken them in January too.

I knew he would end up having them taken out sooner or later, and the time has come.  His lymph nodes are big and his tonsils have been inflamed for months.  Not to mention the SNORING!

Obviously Jasper isn't as excited for this surgery as I am.  I just feel blessed that we can do it now while he is so young.  And because he's 4 years old we can do out-patient surgery and not stay in the hospital.

Here's to a week of Popsicles, apple juice and movies!  Any tips from anyone on recovery time, things to do during R & R, etc.?

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Kelli said...

My Chloe got her tonsils out 6 months ago and she was 5. It was a total breeze and she was back to herself within days. Good luck Jasper!

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