Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls Night Out Baby Shower for Nancy Ashby

Save the date and come celebrate!
Date: Thursday, Sept. 8th
Time:  6:00 PM
Place:  Angela Davidson's home

We're having a girls night out to celebrate Nancy having her first baby BOY!  

Join us for an evening of Nancy's favorite things.  We'll eat Cafe Rio style salads for dinner.  While we visit and Nancy opens her gifts we will treat ourselves to a foot spa / pedicure. 

Rachelle and I will provide the soaking salts, foot mask and lotion.  Come soak your toes and scrub your heels and get your feet feeling great.


We are so excited to give Nancy some baby BOY items!
Nancy needs:

Size 2, 3 & 4 diapers
Bath items (soap, lotion, diaper cream, etc)
She has her eye on a bedding set that we're getting for those who want to contribute to a group gift.

For your pedicure, please bring:
-- A foot tub (i.e. dishpan).  We have quite a few, so don't go out and buy one.  But if you have one, bring it.
-- A thick towel to put under your foot tub (i.e. pedicure station) and a hand towel to dry your feet with.
-- Nail polish, foot scrubber, favorite pedicure items.

RSVP by Saturday, Sept. 3rd to:
Angela Davidson or Rachelle Abbott
Please let us Rachelle know if you want to bring an item for dinner.
Please let Angela know if you want to contribute to the group gift.


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trisha said...

YOu are still at it! You are so cute...lucky Nancy.

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