Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wiped Out!

There's something so peaceful about a sleeping child. 

Yesterday morning Jasper and I went swimming (after our bike ride) and in the afternoon

How I miss the days when he napped every day from 1:00 to 3:30 PM.  Those days are fleeting around our house.  Luckily he still naps after a big swim. 

He hadn't napped for 3 days and finally crashed from 2:00 to 5:30 PM.  I went in at 4:00 PM and tried to wake him.  I even took all of these photos, but he just kept on snoozing!

I took a picture of his whole bed because I want to remember all of the things he sleeps with.
-- The Puppy Sextuplets (We had 3, bought 3 new one's to replace the original 3 and he managed to keep all 6).

--Stars and Fire Trucks pillowcase I made in a Quiltique sewing class a couple years ago.  The red stripe has JASPER stitched all of the way around it.

-- Pirate blanket I made him 5  months ago.  Surprisingly it took him a while to warm up to, but now it's a favorite.

--"Cars" pillow I made him last week with pockets for his cars to sleep in.

--Stripey sweater knit blanket from IKEA.

-- Green dino that goes with his bedspread.

--White Easter Bunny from Grammy Havens circa Easter 2010.

---BOOKS!  As many as he can lug up his loft bed ladder and fit in his bed.  We ALWAYS catch him up looking at books.

-- He currently has also been pouring over a box of 25 laminated nursery rhymes my dear friend Gayle Brown gave me at Jasper's baby shower.


trisha said...

Funny...I took a similar picture of Abby yesterday and plan to post it soon. So cute.

Mary Kay said...

Love the inventory! Similar pictures could be taken of my kids' beds!

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