Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time Out?

A few days ago I read a story from the July Friend magazine with Jasper about a girl who made a bad choice.

I asked Jasper, "What does Heavenly Father want us to do when we make a bad choice?"

His quick reply, "Go in time out."

I explained that He wants us to say we are sorry and repent. Jasper said, "And then go in time out."


Brittany said...

He is hilarious! What a cute kid!

Julianna said...

You have the most adorable pictures of your little guy. Do you take them?? If so you are a great photographer. Plus it is nice and makes it easier when your little model is so dang cute.

Angela said...

Julianna -- Yes, I take the photos. Thanks for the compliment. I still need an invite to your private blog please. And PLEASE let us know if you ever have time to get together next time you are in Vegas.

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