Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do You Have Enough Money For That?

A few days ago we were out and about with one of our neighbor friends who is 8 years old.  Jasper ADORES him, and if we are lucky he will come tag along with us on adventures.

Here's the conversation I overheard:

Kaid:  I'm saving my money to buy a cool knife at Big Five Sporting Goods.  I went there with my dad to buy stuff for my brother to go to Scout Camp and I told him I wanted it and he told me that he didn't have enough money to buy it for me so I had to save up for it by earning money.

Jasper:  Yeah, that happens to me too.  When I find a toy I want at the store my mom says, "Do you have enough money to pay for that?"  And I say, "No.  Probably not."  Then I smile and put the toy back.

They talked about how much some items they want to buy cost and how long it would take to save up for them.

Then they laughed while commiserating with each other about their lack of funds.  They seemed content knowing they both had the same problem.

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