Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Making Mania

We are knee deep in the making of Valentine's.

Jasper has a Valentine party at school on Thursday and his assignment is to bring homemade Valentine's.  As you know, that is messy say the least.

We're also having a Valentine's party at our home and I am going totally old school and asked the kids to make and bring a Valentine box and Valentine's.

So far Jasper wants to make a pirate ship, a spaceship or a container of chocolate milk.  I am not sure which one we will make.  I would like to point out that I am trying to work with Jasper's limited artistic ability, and yet still have him make them. This is quite a challenge.

One item that helps with this is the  Dot-a-Dot rainbow paint markers.  Jasper uses these at preschool and they are his favorite.

We buy them from Lakeshore Learning and they cost $15.  We're signed up for frequent flier club there which gives us 15% off everything all the time, and I usually only buy stuff when they have 20% off coupons, which brings the price down to $10.  You can also get them on Amazon too.   They are well worth it -- in my opinion.

I saw the idea to put paint in bottle lids and knew that would be a much better method than the tiny cups we normally use.  Jasper loves painting and swirling the colors.

Our kitchen table is now such a mess (CRAFT EXPLOSION as my husband would say) that we are eating in the formal dining room for the next two days.  I am opening up our craft zone for our friends to use on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.

Why make a mess at your house when you can do it at mine????

My BRILLIANT friend Heather designed these cute Valentine cards with Jasper's photo on them and we are, shall we say, EMBELLISHING them.  After all - the assignment from school is to bring homemade Valentine's.

Next up, we still need to make our treats -- homemade suckers!


Heather said...

ummmm, i forgot to resize for the small cards. so sorry ang. do you still want me to do it?

The Jones Fam said...

I love your home made valentines, they are SO cute! Those paint markers sound great, I totally need to get some.

Responding to the comment you left on my blog, I did use hot glue to glue the pom poms on. It seemed to work well, but I don't know how we could ever wash it. For the stuffed animal question; if you need to wash a stuffed animal, or a baby blanket you want to stay nice and soft, just put it in a pillow case, tie it in a knot, then wash and dry it in that :)

Nadia said...

Oh Ange I wish that I could come and craft with you! Tell Mike that I totally sympathize with him. I have been privy to a few of those craft explosions myself. I hope that you get tidied up soon!

Rookie Blog said...

YOu make my Mickey Mouse valentines look really ghetto...

Cyd said...

Hooray for sending my daughter elsewhere to craft her valentines!

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