Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rockefeller Mine Road - Husband Guest Post

I have been surprised at how many good Jeep tracks there are near our home in the desert, but I shouldn't be. Most of the early inhabitants (except the native americans, of course) came to Nevada in search of shiny rocks and the many things you could buy with them. Of course, these miners went all over in their search, and left lots of roads behind them. Rockefeller Mine Road (Download KML file here) is one such road.

In order to get to this road, drive south on US-95 until you get to Searchlight. It's an old mining town that benefits from being on a major road. Turn left towards Cottonwood Cove, and this route branches off the main road shortly after the fee station for the Lake Mead Rec Area. You'll pass Harry Reid Road on the drive out there ... try not to stop, there are better things to see once you get off of the pavement.

The road is not difficult if you have a 4wd, high clearance, vehicle. There are a couple of places where the traction is a little iffy, but mostly this is just a rocky and sandy road, but more rocky. You should be able to make good time.

There are a lot of things to enjoy about this trail. The geology is varied, and there are great photography opportunities. There is the history cut from stone, wildlife galore (for a desert) and some strong stands of teddy bear chollo. These really are some neat cactus ... so cuddly looking, and yet so prickly. We also saw eagles and a pack of coyotes in addition to the predictable lizards and ground rodents. All in all, a great drive.

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