Monday, January 10, 2011

Penguin Report: Pre-Research

The above photo is black and white in honor of the color of penguins.  Jasper came home from preschool today with an assignment to do a research project on penguins.

I thought it would be interesting to ask him the questions we are supposed answer and see what he thinks about penguins as a benchmark for our research. 

During lunch I asked him the questions and wrote down the answers on his research sheet.  Then I realized that I should have just been recording our interview and asked him the questions again on camera.


McCooks said...

is he in the pre-k program, nevy has to do a report on penguins too!

Cami said...

He is ADORABLE Ang!! I love his little voice. He was sure putting a lot of thought into his answers. Cute as a button!

Ashby Family said...

I've never heard him talk sooo much! He's doing great with his speech, I can understand his words really well. I love his answers to the questions.

Sha-na-na said...

Those LUCKY penquins...they have a microwave in their house to warm up their fish. I totally agree with Jasper, that when your house is filled with's warm inside. Way cute, darling voice, darling smile~

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