Monday, January 24, 2011

Books of Mormon for my Sunbeam Class

I read about this idea on Sugardoodle and knew I wanted to do something similar.  Especially since the Primary Theme for 2011 is "I Know the Scriptures are True."

My Sunbeams LOVE their scriptures.  I knew they would since Jasper LOVES to be involved in family scripture study at home.

Jasper likes to check to make sure we are all on the same page, which cracks me up.  He doesn't know how to turn to the Book of Enos - Chapter 1, but he does know how to find page 136.

I've asked my Sunbeams to bring their Scriptures with them to church every Sunday and we mark a scripture that goes with our lesson.

We just use a crayon and they get to also place a smiley face sticker near the scripture we marked.  I also read a few additional verses to them while they are coloring.

I think it's a great idea for them to get in the habit of bringing their scriptures to church every week.

I was reading from Jasper's Book of Mormon during Sacrament meeting yesterday and he said, "Mom, those are my scriptures.  It's okay for you to use them right now, but I need them for class."

My Sunbeams spend quite a bit of time during Sharing Time looking at their Books of Mormon.  Sometimes they are reading them upside down...but it does help keep them occupied and in their seats.  They proudly raise their hand when the person conducting Sharing Time asks, "Did anyone bring their scriptures today?"

I have had several mom's report that their Sunbeam "reads" their scriptures during Sacrament meeting. Jasper loves to also look at the illustrations of scenes from Book of Mormon in the front of the book.

In case you think I am CRAZY for asking three year olds to bring scriptures to church each week, I am happy to report that most of them do! 

On the front cover I put my class theme graphic with a photo and their name.  Even though most of them can recognize their name it's they love to see their picture on the front.

On the first inside page I printed a cute graphic my friend Heather made and added a photo of each Sunbeam.  I printed this in color on white paper and used a glue stick to paste it in.  If you haven't been to her website, GO!  She has a ton of free downloads that are super cute.  Her blog is also full of fun things too.

On the back I pasted a class photo list (printed on white cardstock).   The Sunbeams love to pour over this at church and ad home.

My husband headed up the durability part of this project.  He cut a piece of clear adhesive and wrapped it around the front and back with an inch overlap inside the front and back covers.  He used the Duck Brand adhesive laminate and I really like it.  It was $5 for a big roll at WalMart -- found with the shelf liners in the kitchen supply section. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need a template for any of the graphics.

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Kiersten said...


I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing it! I want to do this for my 4 year old class... Could you email me the template for the backcover? I have used photoshop for the inside cover and front cover...


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