Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pizza Night with Old Friends

We were lucky enough to have our friends Travis, Lindsay and Leoni Wilson come over for dinner tonight.

In January they bought us Rachelle Abbott's famous pizzas from the auction that she had for her father-in-law Garth's cancer treatments.

Lindsay knows that I love Rachelle's pizzas, but since they live in Doha, Qatar we had to wait until their summer visit to redeem her auction item.

We loved visiting and Jasper was trying to share with Leoni -- but mostly he just bossed her around.  He wanted her with him on every move and adventure.

The coveted item of the evening was the usual favorite of all the kids who come over -- the fire truck, though Leoni did enjoy "mowing" the patio with the Little Tikes Lawn Mower.

At the end we broke out the band set and jammed out as we sang "Follow the Prophet".
Lindsay taught us some of her percussion moves and Jasper danced around with bells on his ankles.

It doesn't get any more entertaining than that.

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Alisha said...

Hey, what a small world---I know Travis Wilson! We were in a ward together a few years ago as singles. If you talk to him again, tell him hello!

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