Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alphabet Obsession

Jasper is obsessed with numbers and letters.  Two months ago I thought it was cute and fun...now it is a little much.

All day he is constantly spouting off numbers and letters.  I should be excited but it is borderline bothersome. 

When we go to Wal-Mart he shouts at the prices posted on the "Roll Back" signs.  Of course his favorite number is none other than 5. 

He eats every meal with his foam letters and numbers.  I bought them for the bath, and they've never made it upstairs.

One of his favorite tricks is to balance the letter B on top of his thermos cup.  I have tried several times to do this trick and I can't even get close. 

Master Magician Lance Burton lives near us -- maybe he can give me some pointers.

My other favorite is showcased in the last photo.  Jasper takes a letter K and K, K,K, Kicks the letter precariously perched letter B down.  Because, "K is for kick", he tells me.


Nikki Kennington said...

I know it can be kind of annoying at times, but that is excellent for his language production. He is doing so great; I am so happy! Have a great day!

trisha said...

cute...you've got a little genius on your hands! Or look at what life with out any tv can do. You're amazing :)

Rachell said...

Sean is obsessed with ABC's too! We have those hard foam letters and numbers too. They float great in the tub and stick to the tub wall. Did you know they make great teethers (Jimmy loves them) because they don't shred easily. Sean loves www.starfall.com for abc's and phonics. He loves Signing Time ABC's. And Chicka Chicka Boom Boom just came out with a lap-sized board book version...I'm gonna order one from Amazon or Borders because he loves his paperback one and it's trashed.

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