Friday, March 12, 2010

More Thursday Park Favorites

For the record, Jasper is covering his face because he is having a melt down because he lost his little Gladware container full of Sun Chips.  

He set them down in the middle of the field and I brought them over the picnic area while he was out running around.

He lost it when he went back to retrieve "his chips" and they were gone. I had no idea he would remember them.


trisha said...

OH my goodness, those are amazing photos! Have you been taking classes or something?

So glad to be back on-line and back in touch with you. (Just got the internet hooked up today.)

Miss you :(

Anonymous said...

I just love the name Jasper. My neighbor had a puppy named Jasper.
Also, my friend has a gerbil named Jasper. Also, Laura Ingalls dog was named Jasper.

Angela said...

Thanks. Jasper is named after his great grandpa.

Brittany said...

Love the pictures Angela... and Jaspers hat, so cute! :)

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