Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Leesha!

This morning Maridyn Weatherly and I hosted a birthday breakfast for Leesha Jones.  A lot of times moms spend a lot of time planning birthday parties for their kids and sometimes their birthday's are not quite as celebrated.  I'm out to change that!

We invited her friends and their kids.  Quite a few kids are on track break right now, so with 10 moms we had 24 kids running around.  Luckily the sun was shining so we held the party in our backyard.  We are always happy to have everyone over to our home.

Maridyn sweetly whipped up what seemed like 100 mini-chocolate chip pancakes and we all dug in.  Rachelle brought pounds and pounds of freshly picked citrus from Arizona.  A lot of people brought a lot of fresh fruit toppings for the pancakes and the birthday girl herself even made some of her famous whole wheat brown sugar muffins.  Delicious!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate.


The McCooks said...

wish i could have made it, I had to work :(

Cami said...

You are such the party planner! Those ladies are lucky to have such a great friend and neighbor. Do you ever stop??? You are awesome!

Julie said...

I was telling my mom how much fun it was and (if you don't mind) I'm going to borrow this picture for my blog so she can see what I was talking about. Thanks for such a fun morning!

katie and co. said...

I love the idea, Ang. You are awesome!

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