Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas

I took Jasper to see Santa at the Galleria Mall right before Thanksgiving because I heard there wouldn't be a line.  The rumor was true.  We were in and out in 5 minutes with no screaming.  No complaints for me!

Jasper did really well, except he would not let go of his little orange basketball -- except for the one minute that he let Santa hold it.


Holt's in da House said...

Man he is getting so grown up - and again, he's just the most handsome boy! Hope you're getting the right amount of snow... :)

Cami said...

That is such a perfect Santa...just what he should look like. I know I say it every post, but Jasper is adorable!!!

Cyd said...

What a nice looking Santa. I can totally see why he would like Santa better than the frog. I love the look on Jasper's face.

Julie said...

I'm catching up on blogs and I'm glad that Jasper liked the jet for Halloween, that was us handing those out and bracelets for the girls because candy is overrated. :) Also, we went on the Disney Wonder cruise and would highly recommend it! You guys would love it and Jasper would have a blast!

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