Thursday, December 17, 2009

All Aboard!

The Santa Train in Boulder City was our big adventure last  Saturday morning.

The storm clouds were threatening, but we were lucky to only get a littel drizzle of raindrops here and there.

We went with our friends Joe, Trisha, Benjamin and Abigail, Maridyn and Rook and Isaac. This train ride is a steal of a deal for $2 per ticket, as the price is usually $8 for adults and $4 for kids.  Plus, we had Santa and Mrs. Claus aboard.

Jasper was happy to say hello to Santa but he clung to my coat when Mrs. Claus made her move.

We rode on the Boulder City Line for 3.5 miles and then 3.5 miles back.  Jasper kept looking out the window and saying, "Choo Choo".

I had to pull a couple tricks out of my hat at times because Jasper wanted to run up and down the isles of the train.  A couple of upside down tickles kept him entertained enough to stay near our seats.

The conductor and other train attendants sat down for a visit during the ride.  They let the kids wear their hats and shared interesting train tidbits with us. 
The entire weekend he walked around saying a jibberish sentence that ends in a very clear "choo choo" and then is followed by more jibberish and a very clear, "Ho Ho Ho".  To which we respond, "Yes, Jasper.  You want on a train and Santa came aboard to see you."  He repeats this sentences about 5 times and then moves onto something else.  Let's just say he was really excited about it and can not stop talking about it.
Thank you Southern Nevada Railway for a great event!

There is a free train show across the street put on by the Toy Train Operators Society and a old steam engine called the Eureka that we want to check out next year.

If you want to buy advance tickets next year, they go on sale Oct. 1.  We want to go on Dec. 4th for the 10 AM ride.  I thought it would be fun to all get tickets together, so let me know next September.


Brad Beck said...

Wow Angela, that is a steal of a deal. The Polar Express (Heber Creeper) runs about $40 per ticket and sounds like about the same thing. The Ward had a Polar Express themed Christmas party this year, so we wore our PJ's to that and skipped the Heber Creeper -- Much cheaper!

Brad Beck said...

Oops, didn't realize I was on Brad's account. This was from Anne!

Angela said...

This looks like quite the adventure! I love the picture of Jasper with the conductor...priceless! I am amazed by how much little boys LOVE their trains!!! :)

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

So fun. I've been on that train before, but with Santa & Mrs. Claus & a bunch of kiddos, it was probably even more fun.

Travis Wilson said...

I'd be scared of that Mrs. Claus, too. She doesn't even have white hair. The REAL Mrs. Claus is either an eternal redhead or has beautiful white hair.

Cami said...

How FUN! Jasper is adorable as always. I love that pic of those four boys sitting cute. I agree about the amazing ticket looks like you got a lot of bang for your two bucks.

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