Thursday, October 1, 2009

Laundry with Little Ones

I find it easier to let Jasper help with the chores than to spend my time stopping him.

It takes longer to get things done, but things work out well for the most part.

When I went to get the whites out of the dryer I gasped when I saw Jasper's red, white and blue swim trunks.


My head was spinning, trying to figure how they got in there.  All I can figure is that Jasper threw them in while he was loading the washer.

What a big helper!


The life and times.... said...

Fantastic!!! Thank goodness they didn't bleed ;)

Cami said...

You have to love those little helpers! Thankfully it wasn't crayons ;)

Cheryll said...

The whites on the shorts look very White and it seems no permanent harm to the other whites. Hopefully he will want to do his own laundry in a few years. If not, I'll let you in on a little plan that might work on him like it did his Dad. Love, Mom and Dad

Brittany said...

Oh I love happy little helpers! It does stretch out the length of the chore for sure! But all worth it!

Angela said...

Ha! So cute, Ange! I can't believe how big your little helper is getting! He is adorable! :)

Jill said...

Oh little boys are busy aren't they?!!!! He keeps you hopp'n I can tell. Glad your whites aren't pink!

Mary Kay said...

I totally agree. And I figure in the long run, it's how they learn a lot about running a home. Benjamin constantly wants to be in my arms to see everything I'm doing, which of course defeats the purpose! It's a bit difficult to do some tasks one handed!

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