Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twirly Whirling

Mike was kind enough to entertain J out back while I made dinner.  What a nice break for me.  Not that I don't appreciate the help of my Sous Chef, but sometimes it is nice to just work alone.

Mike is such a great dad.  It is always such a happy time when Mike gets home.  Jasper loves to see him and play with him.  I honestly have no idea how single mom's do it - because I need my husband's help.

I just love these twirly sticks that I got at Toys R Us last month.  They are like kites on a stick.  They are also a lot of fun to use under a ceiling fan if it 's too hot to play outside.


Shauna said...

What colorful fun!! Wish I was there playing too!

Cheryll said...

It is no wonder that Mike loves to play with Jasper - he is so cute. Also they make much better toys than when he was a kid. I will never forget the mobile I made from colored paper when he was a baby. He promptly started eating it. I am glad he survived. Love, Mom

JD and Rachelle said...

Ya, I admit that I need my husband too. I love the silhouette pictures.

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