Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out My Kitchen Window

We were lucky enough to have Madeline and Kaitlyn came over to play with us this morning.

In the middle of tackling a mound of dishes I looked out my kitchen window to see these happy faces.

Jasper was thrilled to have some friends over AND play with some water.

First we hit a Zumba class that the Laurel Hills ward sponsored.

There was a great turn out and the kids loved running around the gym and dancing to the music.

The instructor provided small water bottles and apples, grapes, bananas and cheese sticks. They kids loved it all.

We enjoyed the opportunity to see some of our old friends that were in our ward before it split.

When we came back to our home and the kids played outside in the water.

Of course they had to take a small break for a frozen Go-Gurt and Strawberry fruit bars.

Jasper was really diggin' the fruit bars.

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