Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mike in Motion

Tonight I (which really means WE = Mike and I) watched our friends' kids so that they could go out to dinner and celebrate her husband passing the Utah Bar.

Let's just say that their baby girl was NOT HAPPY to spend a few hours sans her mom.

The only thing that ever stopped her from crying was Mike putting her in the football hold and literally running around our family room.

This photo is a little fuzzy because Mike is in motion.

Thanks for the rescue Mike! You're the best!


Ashby Family said...

Mike is such a good sport. Way to move mike!

Cami said...

That is hilarious!! The things we do to quiet children. I think this one takes the cake!

trisha said...

Thanks again, Ang and Mike, for your kindness and suffering. Last night was such a treat! And your advice was priceless :)

trisha said...

Thanks again, Ang and Mike for your kindness and suffering. Last night was truly a treat and a blessing. And your advice, Ang, was priceless :)

Shauna said...

....giggling as I look at this photo! Too cute.

Rookie Blog said...

THe things we do for kids...oh they're so worth it.

Cheryll said...

great exercise in the comfort and privacy of you own home. Hilarious!

Love, Mom

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